Saturday, February 4, 2012

Captain Canuck art contest entries

When look for a good scan of the cover to Captain Canuck #4 to include with the first post in this blog, I was surprised at the number of results that my search generated. I was even more surprised at the variety of them. Many were clearly recent, original art.

Looking into it further, I discovered that a member of the Deviant Art site nicknamed Ambush Bug held an art contest in 2010 with a Captain Canuck theme. There were over 100 entries displaying a great variety of interpretations, style, etc. In some, the Captain is a woman, other artists used the Unholy War version, or included supporting characters. It's quite something. If you were not aware of it, have a look right here.

Captain Canuck creator Richard Comely was apparently involved in choosing the winners. It couldn't have been easy, though I admit that I lingered on this one for a while.


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