Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally: Canadiana!

I recently added a link to the right side of the page for Canadiana.

I first heard about this character several years ago while filling out my Northguard collection Northguard's co-creator and writer, Mark Shainblum, was (is?) also involved in getting Canadiana's adventures out.

I came across references to a Canadiana web comic having been made at some point, but could never actually locate more than a panel here or a sample page there. I eventually assumed that the full version was either only available briefly or was a planned project that never materialized.

But danged if I didn't finally stumble across it! Or at least some of it. Artist Sandy Carruthers made a mention of Canadiana on his blog in this post from November of last year and provided a link to some 33 pages of material (though page 11 is missing). The story is incomplete, so we'll keep an ear to the ground around that mention in the blog entry of a publisher for the series perhaps being found.

As to the character herself, don't let the picture above fool you. She's got a fair bit of attitude on her. She's sarcastic and quick to anger. She must live in Ottawa. ;-)


  1. She seems to travel a fair bit, but last I saw of her before her series went on hiatus, she was in Montréal...?

    1. Oh probably. I was just taking a shot at my home town.

      A while back, a magazine (I forget which one) tested various Canadian cities in regards to friendliness and courtesy. Ottawa came it at 11th. Out of 11. I doubt many people here were shocked. ;-)