Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Did Alpha Flight fans bother reading this?

I'm sure that following the end of the Omega Flight book, Alpha Flight fans were aware that Michael Pointer's story would be continued in Marvel Comics Presents issues one through 12 in eight-page installment. But were any of them actually interested in reading it?

Never mind the American-in-the-Guardian suit controversy for a while. Oh, and that to the best of our knowledge at the time, Pointer killed Alpha Flight, making them look foolish in the process, for no better reason than shock value.

The problem with Pointer is that he's quite lame. Even knowing that he inadvertently destroyed his Alaskan town, including his mother (I beleive, and can't be bothered to look it up) it's still hard to feel sorry for the guy because he's such a drip.

Still, I grabbed the trade a while after it came out. I don't know how long after, because I didn't even know it WAS coming out.

So if you haven't bothered with the continued adventures of Michael Pointer to this point, should you, now that most of Alpha has gone dark again?

The compilation includes the Omega Flight chapter of Civil War: The Initiative. So again, if you didn't pick that up because it was only a small part of the comic, it's available here.

In terms of appearances by Alpha favourites...Not much to report. Sasquatch appears most prominently in chapters three, nine and 12, if my memory is sound but very little in the other ones. Talisman, who was in the Omega Flight book, is a notable no-show, yet USAgent and Arachne (or whatever the hell her name is) are all over the book.

The story defines Pointer's abilities far better and provides what could have been a satisfying conclusion to his tale of sorrow (I understand he has resurfaced in Dark X-Men, at least briefly). It's a good enough read, but if you avoided it because you thought it would have too little to do with Alpha Flight, I see little cause for you to question your decision. This one is for extreme completists only.

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