Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Captain Canuck Reborn! Huh...Another time!

Locating the rather dynamic image below is once again the result of fortuitous surfing.

It appears on this deviant page under Devin Jasztrab's (Dev7n) profile .  A closer look at the credits was interesting.
Page that i hope to be coloring for new Captain Canuck comic book coming out late 2012 early 2013!

To see some of my work visit my DeviantART page at: [link]

To see some of Christians work visit: [link]

Drawing By: Christian Comely
Inked By: Christian Comely
This isn't the first that I hear of this project.  Christian Comely (son of Captain Canuck creator Richard, natch) first started writing about in 2008.  I would check in from time to time, but after almost two years without updates, I assumed he'd lost interest and/or was unable to come up with a final product which he found satisfying.

Whatever the cause, apparently the break did him some good as he recently threw down a number of posts about a variety of topics (characters, script, etc) over the course of the past few weeks.  It sounds like the project is back on and I look forward to seeing it take shape.

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