Monday, May 14, 2012

Acquired at Comiccon: Part One

I was unprepared for Comiccon.  I arrived and totally blanked on any comics I might want or need.  Doors opened at 10AM and by mid-afternoon, I'd bought nothing but a handful of discounted books.

Even if I'd been able to rope in some expensive back issue(s), I'd intended to get at least a ball cap from the Heroes of the North folks as a token show of support.  But I struck out comic-wise and HotN were sold out of the caps I wanted.

So I "settled" for this bad boy:

How is this not the perfect figurine for my little TSOG work area?

As I was packing it away though, I figured that if I had The Canadian on my desk, I would regret not getting the other half of the love/hate duo.  So I took the plunge and picked up Fleur-de-Lys as well.

If you've seen these advertised in the past, you may notice a discrepancy between my version and the promoted ones (that have since sold out).

The "full version" includes a lightning effect attached to her left hand.  However, mine broke relatively easily.  The lower left arm is removable and in trying to secure it in place, it dropped and the lightning attachment snapped off.  I could probably glue it back on easily but I actually kind of like how she looks without it anyway.  So while the figurines themselves are quite solid and stable, I would suggest being very careful with that specific piece if you bought one of these.  The scuffed look on the fleur de lys emblem, however, is by design.

I'm quite happy with these and intend to add to the collection the next time the HotN drop by Ottawa.

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