Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"In Case You Missed It"Art: Black Flag

The above piece of badassery is top and center on the new(ish) Google Page for Raven Entertainment Studio, featuring the work of Raven Heisenberg, creator of Legion Unleashed (among others).  Right click and open it in a new tab for the full-sized version.

Given the choice of a Legion Unleashed one-shot origin issue for a character, this guy would be my selection.  Make a Black Flag figurine and it'll find its way onto my desk.

A black-clad cigar-chomper, he's not your standard flag-bearer.  And as much as I like THAT type of character, the different take on it makes Black Flag interesting to me.  And not to discourage anyone, but we're hardly hurting for the "standard" option.

No doubt if I work my way through the Legion Unleashed blog I'd come across more details about Black Flag's background, but I don't want to find out that way.  I want an in-story reveal, so I'm not going to peek behind the curtain.

Black Flag spends a fair bit of the first issue with another Shaman-like character named Morgan Snowfall.  Obviously their time together is limited in light of the fact that there are only two issues of Legion Unleashed presently available, but there's a certain chemistry to these characters.  You would not necessarily expect that from a mystic and ass-kicker, but it's a "World's Finest" type of thing where they seem to mesh because they're so different.

The books remain available for $1 in pdf format on the Google site above.

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