Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kagagi: The Raven

This blog was started partially to demonstrate that there are far more Canadian characters than most people realize but I must admit that on that level, my own expectations have been surpassed.  It seems that while researching one, I invariably stumble into yet another.

My most recent find is Kagagi.

I found it by scanning the Arcana characters page.  Though nothing about him specifically identifies him as Canadian on sight, I gave him a longer look because he has a pretty cool design.  I found out writer/inker Jay Odjick is from the Maniwaki area and after an excellent summary of the windigo legend, the book begins the present day part of story at the harbour front in Toronto.

I bought the book for $5 from comixology, and it is also available on if that is your preference.  The story is about 50 pages, and there is a lot of additional bonus material along the lines of sketches, pin-ups, etc.

Solicitation time:
Matthew Carver is an average 16 year old kid dealing with normal teenage stuff: high school drama, teenage angst and a huge crush.  Or at least he was yesterday.  Today he found out that he has inherited an ancient power and responsibility - the ages old evil known as the Windingo (sic) has returned.  And Matthew Carver must defeat it. He is Kagagi: The Raven!
I'll be honest and admit that the high school part did nothing for me.  Never mind that I'm too far removed from those years to be able to relate anymore (*ahem*), it's the standard stuff; Carver moons over the dream girl who goes out with the popular jock, etc.  You've read it before.

But that aside, the basic premise is a self-feeding monster.  Windigo spreads his "disease", for lack of a better term, to his victims.  It is a cannibal that causes its victims to be reborn with the same urge, so our hero will never lack for someone to battle against as his mentor (Wisakedjak) shows him the ropes.  Without getting too deeply into an off-topic spiritual discussion, if you have even a passing interest in native culture, the inclusion of that element into the book will be a treat.

Let's close with one of those pinups by Fernando Granea.  Right click and open into a new tab for a larger version.

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