Friday, June 22, 2012

Kid Thor!

This is another character that I'm looking into lately.

From Invincible #17, by Ryan Ottley

I recently posted about Rush from The Authority and Blademaster from Stormwatch, both rather obscure Canadian characters from Image Comics.  Oh, and both very dead.  Mind you, we know that state can be rather fluid in comics...

On something of a hunch, I looked up the Guardians of the Globe team, also from Image.  Reason being that I recalled their rather clever spoof of an Avengers promotion prior to their own book hitting the shelves.  I was reminded that they seemed to have a more varied cast than Earth's mightiest heroes so I thought I should check just in case a Canuck snuck his way in there.

And what do you figure I found on Wikipedia?  A list of additions to the team in later issues.  Here it is:
A little android girl from Japan.
Cast Iron
A metal-skinned man from Yugoslavia.
A boxing heroine from the United States of America. Formerly a Capes, Inc. character.
Best Tiger
A green-blindfolded gunman from the People's Republic of China.
Le Brusier
A french bulldog from France.
Kid Thor
A mallet-wielding strongman from Canada, also formerly from Capes Inc.
A winged woman from Russia.
Bing bing bing bing!!  Not only do they have a Canadian member, to the best of my knowledge, he's still alive!

As stated above, he first appeared in a three-issue series called Capes.

From then, he's made a number of appearances in other Robert Kirkman books Invincible and The Astounding Wolf-Man, but for the most part they appear to be little more than cameos. And his participation in Guardians of the Globe begins only as of issue four of six of the series.

It's hard to imagine much being made from this character but hey...he's alive, so hope springs eternal.

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