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This is a fun book, the first two issues of which I've recently picked up from

Are you familiar with the term "Laluelle"?  Not if you haven't read this book!  Writer David Pinckney made it up to refer to, essentially, spirit hunters.  A Laluelle's purpose is to "send things to the afterlife", to quote Sir John A. Macdonald in the second issue.

The premise may sound dark, but the book's tone is anything but.  Laluelle could be described as a Victorian supernatural comedy, a rather rare blend.

(the taller of the two on the cover at left) is an experienced Laluelle training an apprentice named CaseyWilliam is all pro, all the time, while Casey is the source of most of the humour in the book.  There's good chemistry between the two characters and their dialogue is entertaining, yet they also spend enough of the first two issues apart that their methods and personalities can be put on display.

The creative team is not Canadian, but the setting is, therefore presumably the characters are as well.

To find out more:
Here is some preview art from the Sequential Geek site.

Colourist Timaree Zadel has a deviantart page which displays additional promotional material and links to the pages of some of the other members of the creative team.

Their Facebook page is right here.

Pinckney was interviewed in February 2011 and offered some background and insight on his characters.
There are four issues available at the moment, and it's been almost a year since #4 came out, but the announcement of Laluelle's return to only dates back to February of this year, so hopefully the book will continue to be produced.

Let's conclude with a cool character sheet for a supporting cast member named Veronica.  Art by Shannon Manor.

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