Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three and The Historical Society

Preparing my post about the Black Scorpion yesterday, I was again fortunate enough to inadvertently find another Canadian character to follow.  Actually, there were two.  Maybe more.

The two I'm aware of are both creations of writer/artist Scott Dutton, who had worked on a Black Scorpion story in 1991.  It was as a result of looking for more information about that character that I landed on Mr Dutton's site.

The first character is simply named Three and is said (by the creator) to be a mix of Batman and Deathstroke.  Read more about his background here and have a look below.

's adventures take place in the 80's in a town called History in British Columbia.  He leads a team called the Historical Society which includes one Captain Canada.

You can download the first volume from the comics section (naturally) of Mr Dutton's site.  For a broader picture, you can also download The Three Files which includes sketches, pin-ups, reviews, etc.

Whether you choose to view one or both, you'll note that a second volume was being worked on as of early last year and the preview art includes features Captain Canada rather prominently.  Hopefully that book will be available soon.

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