Sunday, July 15, 2012

An update on Group of Seven

This past April, I wrote blog entries about three titles I could not obtain from IndyPlanet.  Among them was Group of Seven.

With assistance from Brown Paper Bag Comics' Daniel Barclay, I did end up hearing from Group of Seven writer Reg Stacey.  And as I read his response against what I wrote at the time, I take note that he was kind enough to not admonish me for my brutal spelling error in his name (which I've now corrected but wanted to acknowledge nonetheless.  Sorry 'bout that!)

Instead, he cleared up my confusion about the title's publishing history.  I had wondered why issues #1 and #3 had been solicited, but #2 was nowhere to be found.  He also confirmed that there are plans for the project to continue.  Here are his answers to those specific questions:
...we originally self-published (in black and white) and we are playing catch-up with #2's colouring process.  We decided to solicit #3 because it was gathering dust for a couple of years, and I felt compelled to see it in print...
Our momentum has slowed a bit in light of our recent family addition (my 2 year old daughter) but my enthusiasm still burns strong for the book.  Issue #4 is 5 pages short of complete...Hopefully by summer's end we will be able to solicit issue 2 on Indyplanet.
I was very pleased to find out that the book will continue and I look forward to acquiring the first three issues when they are all completed to Mr Stacey's satisfaction.

Oh, and the character I referred to as "Prairies Boy" in the first post is actually named the Regina Renegade.  That's...a bit more like it, admittedly. :-)

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