Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August solicitations updates

I started building the Solicitations page a little over a month ago, knowing full well that some books would not come out in the month in which they were first expected to be.  No problem; they just get moved to the following month.

Having done my little clean-up, there are a few details to which I'd like to draw attention:

John Michael Helmer from Red Leaf Comics was kind enough to send me a digital version of All Canadian Comics #1, a book I've been looking forward to quite a bit.  It isn't completely necessary in order to follow the story, but the background of the American Guard's visit to Canada (and meeting with the Canadian Guard) is actually detailed in Surprising Theater #5 from sister publisher Surprising Comics.  ST5 also includes a brief appearance by the modern Leaf, which scratches my completist itch.

While Northern Adventure Quarterly may appear in the August solicitations, that is actually a reference to the print version hitting stores.  The book has been available in digital format for a couple of weeks already and can still be purchased using that method.  See the bottom right of their home page.

I've listed Axiom-Man #3 as an upcoming comic book but the character has been around for a few years already in novel form the first of which is, well, Axiom-Man.  I would classify it as an "all ages" read, which is not another way of saying "for kids"; it can be enjoyed by adults as well.  But those adults would have no concerns about handing it off to the young 'uns.  Click on the link earlier in the paragraph for a synopsis.  The comic books are a retelling of that novel's story in that format.

And finally, while at first glance it didn't appear to feature Canadian characters, I've added a link at right to Crystal Fractal Comics out of Toronto.  Then looking further, I noticed that they listed one modern-day character named Redorik as being "affiliated" with Laurier High School.  Sounds Canadian enough, but art in the preview shows him walking towards a school with a name that begins with "Spring" (Springfield?), so who really knows?

Their pdf comic retelling of The Sleeping Giant, however, is undeniably Canadian and I would direct you to their Facebook page to have a look (they are providing it free of charge).

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