Friday, August 31, 2012

Funding Superiority

As much as I would love to support oodles of Kickstarter and Indiegogo project to help independent comic publishers, I am not made of loonies. Upon starting this blog, I decided to focus primarily on Canadian projects but am making an exception for Watchguard / Teen Force 5.

Well...only technically.  I was first drawn to this universe by stumbling into Runabout (see tag at right) while doing a Google search on Canadian superheroes.  At the time, there was no specific comic book project planned around the Watchguard characters (publicly at least, that I knew of).  The product being promoted was a sourcebook for a role-playing game.

Writer Charlie McElvy now intends to begin publishing comics about his creations and while it will not be specific to Les Supérieurs (Runabout's team), early success may very well open the door to that very thing.

With that hope in mind, I committed a few bucks to the cause, and would encourage any comic fan to do the same.  Your money is only transferred if the project is fully funded, so you are under no risk of getting nothing for your pledge.

Here's a look at a couple of other Supérieurs team members.

To this point, I'd been buying the Supérieurs character sheets from (in pdf file format) as a show of support even though I don't actually play the game for which the sheets are made.  Still, I love the uniform designs and the detailed back story that comes with each.

There are only two days left in Charlie's campaign but he has seen a flurry of activity around it of late and his goal is within reach.  Who knows, if he gets the funding he needs, maybe we can get a Supérieurs cameo or pin-up while we wait for a team-specific book (yes, that's a shameless hint).  Best of luck either way, Charlie, if you happen to read this.

Sept 1st edit: Charlie didn't need luck.  He reached his goal early this morning. :-)

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