Thursday, August 23, 2012


Speaking of monsters...

The above is the cover to the Greyman graphic novel, an Arcana Comics publication.  It was written by Glenn Arseneau.  Here is the solicitation from Comixology...
87 pages! For Adam Grey, dying in a car crash is only the beginning of his nightmare. Stranded on the Dead Highway with only a strange homeless man for guidance, separated from his beloved fiance, Sarah, and hunted by motorcycle-riding demons intent on feeding on his human memories, Adam soon discovers that there are, in fact, fates much worse than death. Confronted by a mysterious and powerful astral entity, Adam has only one choice left: Allow the entity to use him as a vehicle through which it can wreak havoc on the living world, or never see Sarah again!
...and a sample page.

The book was only released about a month ago, so its Facebook page is quite active at the moment.  One of the reviews linked on that page, in its description of the book, mentioned seeing tones of Todd McFarlane's Spawn character.

That struck me too, but I would add The Crow as well since a significant part of the story revolves around Greyman needing to track down demons individually, much like Eric Draven hunted those who had wronged him and his girlfriend.  The character is also "built" in such a way that other versions of Greyman (Greywoman?) could emerge which might be an interesting aspect to explore.

The art (by Andy Gray) is very interesting. It may be easier to tell from the cover, particularly the logo, that it is very graffiti-like.  Because of the use exaggerated features or dimensions it can be difficult, in certain panels, to make out exactly what's going on right away, but after my first read I found myself going back just to take in the art specifically.

You can purchase, or further preview, Greyman on Comixology or buy the print version on Amazon.  Mr Arseneau has other irons in the fire, including Bulletproof Angel and Sinreaver for us to look forward to.

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