Saturday, September 22, 2012

Help Self-Publisher Magazine Help You!

I came across a mention of Self-Publisher! magazine on the Surprising Comics message board some time ago.  Thinking it may provide an introduction to other indy book, but also that I would likely forget to ever check in again, I signed up for their newsletter.

I received the latest one earlier this week and figured it might be of interest to those who are directly involved in "the business" in whatever capacity.  Here is an abbreviated version (the full version, as I write this, appears on their front page):

...I dumped the way we had news displayed, because for one, very few people send in news releases.

So in reality, we are looking for MORE: More article writers, more people TO be featured, more things to review and more people to review those things. SP! is looking at increasing readership by multiples of it's current readership, and we're inviting everyone along for the ride. SP! Will continue to be "by the people for the people" - we're just going to have more people reading, and participating. What's in it for the people making new content? Well, readers. If you are ALREADY doing coverage of indy stuff, let's talk...we'll promote your site as part of our family.
There may not be many people submitting news, but it seems our friends at Frozen Light Comics are among those who have taken advantage of the opportunity.  As they should; There's absolutely nothing to lose so may as well leave no stone unturned.  Failing that, if writing a press release is not really your thing, then submit your book to be reviewed.  In whatever way you choose to do so, it's a chance for more exposure, so why not take it?

Continuing to be specific to the Canadian character theme of this blog, issue #58 includes an interview with John Michael Helmer of Red Leaf Comics.  It is quite thorough, touching on the company's beginnings, past collaborations, present and future projects for its various characters, etc. Check that out, then see if any of the books featured in the reviews and previews strike your fancy.  There is a wide variety of styles on display and opportunities to support indy talent (Canadian or otherwise).

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