Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Puck to Appear in Uncanny X-Force


I'm a couple of issues behind on Astonishing X-Men.  That's in large part because I hate the book.  Sure, it was nice to see Northstar featured but I find the book boring as hell (though I did appreciate how his wedding was handled).

Puck joining X-Force feels like more of the same.
They're killers. They're heroes. They're UNCANNY X-FORCE. The X-Men's most dangerous and deadly team is getting a new start this January as part of Marvel NOW! courtesy of writer Sam Humphries and artist Ron Garney.
... Puck always struck me as the tragic clown type, but he's also an ex-soldier of fortune with a demonic origin story. Should we see him as a dark figure? What's his place on the team?

Sam Humphries: I see him as a Canadian Indiana Jones. He's gone some dark places in his past, and he's a dwarf, which can present challenges most of us never have to deal with. But he's also a bad ass who has confronted the darkness with a wry sense of humor, and he has yet to find a situation where being small of stature has stopped him from kicking some butt.
The rest of the announced cast is Psylocke, Storm and Spiral.

So here's where this feels similar to Astonishing X-Men; several issues into that book, I still haven't figured out what these characters, most of which I dislike, are doing together.  Maybe it's been explained in more recent issues but if so, it sure took a while to get there.

I don't really get what Puck would be doing with this bunch (all of which I dislike).  I don't know the other characters, or their history, so whether the three of them joining forces makes any sort of sense is beyond me.  Maybe it does, but Puck's inclusion seems rather random.

On the other hand, it seems that there has been in effort in recent years to give the Alpha Flight group and individual members a bit of a boost in exposure (you know, AFTER killing them unceremoniously) and I can't help but feel I should support that.  So maybe I'll give writer Sam Humphries an opportunity to tell me how Puck fits.  It could be as simple as doing it at Wolverine's request, I suppose.  We'll find out in January.

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