Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, Those Sassy Ottawa Farmers!

A number of the more obscure characters that have been featured here were found by accident.

Such was the case with Daydreamer, though her obscurity was a little surprising being that she's a Marvel Comics character.  During a search, I came across a list of international characters which included her name.  Narrowing the search to Daydreamer herself, I was able to nail down her (rather limited) number of appearances.

I was due for another batch of back issues from Mile High Comics recently.  I'm a big fan of those guys, I've been ordering from them since they used to have single page ads in comics in the 80's.

I included Marvel Comics Presents numbers 101 and 102 in my order.  Those issues include the first two parts of a story about Daydreamer's team, the Young Gods.  It is entitled "Against a Rogue God" and it involves the team going...huh...against a rogue God.

Daydreamer gets a fair amount of face time as she assists one of her teammates analyze a dream she had in which God was causing trouble, and confirms that there is substance to it.  She also helps pinpoint the locations in which said God is being a dick.

The part I found comical though involved Daydreamer getting up into some Celestial grills.

You go, Ottawa farmer girl!

It may not have been particularly helpful though.  Yes, the Celestials granted the team's wish to return to Earth to track down and stop this God dude, but with two conditions; they have all of three days to do it, and  if someone suspects that they are demi-Gods, the entire planet will be destroyed.

That's pretty harsh.

The other story which might be of interest is a Wolverine/Nightcrawler team up (hence the cover above).  However, it seems to revolve around Nightcrawler's back story and is written by Scott Lobdell, someone I consider to be "hit-or-miss".

This far into the story, it looks like a miss.  The "threat" from the first part is revealed to be anything but in the second.  It doesn't really work, because the bulk of Wolverine's dialogue is sarcastic humour, which took the edge off any kind of tension that Lobdell tried to build anyway.  If Wolverine can't take the threat seriously, how can I?

As cheesy as some of the dialogue is in the Young Gods story, I'll likely acquire the rest of the issues to see that story to its conclusion.  Daydreamer is likable enough and very few of the Canadian characters discussed here are the cosmic types, so it makes for a nice change.

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