Friday, December 14, 2012

Arcana Studio Winter Sale!

Here's a relatively easy way to support a Canadian comics publisher.
Arcana Comics is offering 25% off of their entire store from now through January 31, 2013!

Don't miss this opportunity to stock up on the latest Arcana releases and, perhaps, give some books a try you may have missed along the way!

To enjoy the sale, head over to, and start shopping! When you check-out, enter in code "ARCANAWINTER" to get 25% off of your entire order.  There's no limit to the sale, so gobble up on savings!

Arcana has a rather varied catalogue, including sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, etc.  There should be something for everyone.

My favourite part of this is that it's a WINTER sale, not a Christmas sale.  Holiday spending would have prevented me from taking advantage of this, but I should be good to make a last-minute purchase.

A character I've been eyeing for some time, and is now named as Arcana's flagship character on the Publishers page, is Kade.  From what I can gather (not having read the books yet), Kade is a demon-hunting immortal warrior who finds himself involved in various key points throughout history.

Here is the solicitation for the book at right (which I believe contains the character's earliest stories).
Kade is the enigmatic warrior who embarks on an adventure to remove the Dark Veil and the demon behind the darkness.

Kade must uncover the secrets of the Black Sun while struggling with his physical limitations and his concept of being a hero.

The Kade trade paperback collects five issues and features over 120 pages of story, as well as behind the scenes pictures, cover gallery and commentary from Sean O'Reilly. Exclusive to the trade is the never before published origin of Kade.
The Arcana store page does not always name the talent involved, for some reason, so using their ComiXology page in conjunction with it might help in that regard. Click on a series to view the various issues, then click on an issue (even if there is only one shown because you've selected a graphic novel or compilation).  The creative team is named at right.

Another option would be the The Intrinsic graphic novel, collecting the four issues of the recent mini-series.  It spotlights several characters from the Arcanaverse (Kade included) and as such makes for an interesting sampler.

Writer: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Erik Hendrix
Writer: Casey Jones
Artist: Allan Otero
Colorist: Chandran
Letterer: Erik Hendrix
Horrors from different worlds have assembled to bring about a global threat known only as The End. A Philosopher has recognized the signs in time to gather his own forces for Good - including an ordinary, powerless young woman. Only together can they avert disaster on a biblical scale. Every last one of them... is Intrinsic. 'Intrinsic' is a company crossover event bringing together characters from hundreds of titles beneath Arcana's library. It is an event of unprecedented ambition, unlike anything that has been before.
Mind you, if you're a little gun shy about spending even that much on characters with which you are not familiar then perhaps the digital option is the better one.  The collection is available in that format for all of $4.99.

Happy winter reading!

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