Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sean Koury's Bounty Hunter

Here's a little something to look forward to in 2013.

The above is the cover to Bounty Hunter #0, as drawn by Edward Dennis.  There was some hope that it would be available for the end of 2012, but that doesn't appear to be in the cards, so presumably we'll see it in early 2013.

The information below was lifted from the Argo Comics deviantart page.  Bounty Hunter was entered in a contest to appear an Argo Comics publication and this text was included in the submission.  Argo Comics have been mentioned here before as one of their characters, Ultro, is Canadian and appears in a short story in their 3rd anthology book.

Whether Bounty Hunter is Canadian is somewhat unclear, as his base of operations is said to be New York city, however an Ontario town does find its way into his back story and sounds like his place of origin.  Check it out:
Bounty Hunter 
Real Name: Darren Walters 
Character Class: Enhanced human/cyborg 
Affiliations: Head of Capture Incorporated, ally of Team Supreme, works freelance for US government.

Bases of Operations: Capture Inc. head office in New York City; he himself is usually mobile.

First Appearance: Bounty Hunter # 0 (as yet unpublished, 2012 Capture Comics)

Powers/abilities: After the dimensional portal that separated our reality from the Otherealm tore open, destroying the small city of Kenora, Ontario in Canada, Darren Walters found himself in possession of a few new abilities. He found he had slightly enhanced intelligence, strength and agility and could now perform at peak human capacity. He also found that he could somewhat control the small dimensional portals that would constantly be popping open around the world, sucking Earth's inhabitants into them or depositing creatures from other realities onto our planet.

Creator and writer Sean Koury's blog has been added at right, and can be reached here as well.  Assuming it links correctly, Koury also has a Facebook photo album called "Bounty Hunter stuff" that you could view here.


  1. Hey, just saw this. Thanks for the mention. That pic was actually going to be the cover a while back, but ended up getting used as the picture in the War of the Independents Trading card set that came out a while ago. I have a new cover now.

    Just a small note concerning BH #0. Warrior Nun Areala guest-stars and it is a WoTI tie-in.

    AND the book is almost ready for the printers. So hopefully soon!

  2. One other thing. Bounty Hunter already had his first appearance published in a small one-page strip, written by yours truly. Said page can be found in Dynamite Entertainment's LIVING CORPSE: EXHUMED #2. Check it out!

    Another one-pager MAY be in LIVING CORPSE: INK; if not, it'll be in another forth-coming LC series.