Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Group of Seven #2 now available!

That is, if you're able to order from IndyPlanet, unlike me.

A click on the "Group of Seven" label at your right will take you to a previous post about this book.  Bottom line, issues #1 and #3 have been available for some time, and now the second is also complete.  Here is the solicitation:
Created, written & illustrated by Reg Stacey.
Colour Embellishment by Angela Stacey

Standard Comic, Full Color
Page Count: 28

The traitors behind the slaughter of the True North Guardians are revealed, and the Regina Renegade embarks on a vendetta to dish out lethal justice. The stakes have never been so personal, with a confrontation not to be missed! All this…and Captain Collision goes shopping, too!

Witness the birth of a new Canadian Superhero team from the ashes of fallen heroes.
That particular issue can be bought from this page on IndyPlanet, while the other two are on this page.  If the second link doesn't work, simply do a search for "Group of Seven" on the IndyPlanet site and naturally issues #1 and #3 will be your only results.

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