Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kade: Canadian Northwest

I took advantage of Arcana Comics' winter sale a few months ago to purchase the "Kade: Original Sun" trade paperback.  Kade is not a Canadian character, but Arcana is a Canadian publisher, and the book compiles his first adventures.

Actually, Kade may not be Canadian, but that doesn't mean he hasn't spent a little time up north.

There are a few extras in the book, such as pinups and character fact sheets.  There's also a "On The Horizon" section displaying what was going to be future versions of Kade as he worked his way through history.  You have your feudal Japan Kade, the World War II Kade and, wouldn't you know it, the Canadian Northwest Kade!

I don't know if the above version of Kade was ever used.  I've asked Arcana (on Twitter) but to tell the truth, their communication is near non-existent in any form I've ever tried so I haven't received a response.  If he was, it was most likely in the Prodigal Son graphic novel.

We open with a view of a dusty frontier town. This is Sunset Canyon, Colorado, and there's trouble in town. The lone rider comes into town to clean things up and we see him learn about the local ruffians terrifying the town...and then he himself is killed by something mysterious. His body is left to rot in the desert...where a wagon train passes it. "What's that, Pa?" a young boy asks. "Nothing we need to bother with," says a man. The man's name is Elias Kade...
Hard to imagine that he popped up in any of the other settings....

I'll probably continue getting these chronologically so it'll be a while before I reach that era.  Kade is an interesting character though and I hope there are plans to continue to show his impact throughout history.  His appearance in Intrinsic is encouraging along those lines.

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