Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Red Leaf Comics Presents...

...quite a bit of material in the coming days, it would appear...

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that Red Leaf Comics had sent me a digital copy of The Leaf #4.  The above is a panel from that issue.  I'd meant to talk about the book in greater detail but got sidetracked, so here it is.

What struck me while reading it was the character's growth into his role between the 3rd issue, in which The Leaf's career begins, and this one.  Michael McSorly has still only been a crime-fighter for a few weeks by this point.  He's more comfortable...but still has some doubts. He's building something of a network of helpers...including one that appears prepared to force his way into the operation. His world is quickly becoming more fully developed.

My exposure to this character has been quite staggered.  He (and the golden age version of the character) has appeared in a number of books by other publishers, usually in short stories.  I tracked those down while waiting for issue #4 to be available.  Reading them between issues of the ongoing series has helped "sell" his increased comfort level in #4 to me.  Essentially, it felt like watching him gain the experience that has led to his increased confidence in #4.

Getting a hold of those shorts is far easier now.  Red Leaf has collected them in a #0 issue,  packaging them with several pin-ups of the character.  It's interesting to see The Leaf evolve from the early stories in issue #0 to his most recent release.

Red Leaf is in the middle of a rather prolific spell; they have also re-released Red Leaf Comics Presents #1.  That book features three short stories of the Golden Age Leaf, one of which guest-stars Jill Canada, with a new cover (seen at right).

My exposure to Jill Canada has been limited, but I've enjoyed her few appearances and have been anticipating more.  Sounds like the wait will be paying off soon.

Jill will play an important part in the main story of the fifth issue of The Leaf (expected to be available late this month or early next).  Also, The Mountie Brigade will debut in the first of four four-page installments.  The Brigade continues the legacy of the McSorly family as mounted policeman Angus McSorly faces danger during a posting to Mars Dome One in 2125.  Click the "Mountie Brigade" tag below to see preview art of that story in an earlier post. The entire book will be in full-colour.

The second issue of Red Leaf Comics Presents is also on the way, the entire content of which takes place during WW2.  I've been generously provided with a look at one of the covers for that book, which I'm all too happy to share (at left).  Obviously, Jill and the Golden Age Leaf are the main event, but a Man-Fish creature from Eastern Canada will also make its first appearance.

Plenty of Canadian characters in action over at Red Leaf.  Their DriveThru store, for digital purchases, can be reached through this link. Print versions can also be obtained from IndyPlanet.

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