Monday, July 22, 2013

The Story of a City Called Legacy

The title is as much a reminder to myself as it is a description of the Legacy book from September 17 Productions.

I frequently made the mistake of assuming that the character on the cover was named Legacy.  That's not the case.  Legacy is the name of the city in which said character, actually named Paragon, suddenly appears as a city in decline hungers for an inspirational figure.

The book reads similarly to an issue of Astro City in that the town and its citizens share in the spotlight.  The first part of the story is narrated by a Legacy policeman.  Prior to describing "the day that everything changed" as a result of Paragon's arrival, he reminisces about police work in his dad's day.  It helps build a sense of history right as the story kicks off.

Paragon appears on the scene in spectacular fashion, demonstrating a great deal of power in doing so, but his dialogue is limited to brief lines. Paragon's background remains a complete mystery.  The citizens of Legacy do not know anything about him, therefore neither do you.  You'll learn as they do.

Art by Mike Campeau

The first issue strikes the proper balance.  You're given enough information to know that there's an awful lot of information to uncover still.  The cliffhanger in particular raises a lot of questions.

The regular edition of the book can be had for a mere 50 cents on drivethru.  If you still prefer the print format, you can contact creator/writer Andrew Lorenz through September 17's Facebook page and he'll no doubt do his best to accommodate you.  Lorenz can also be reached through his blog.

The second issue of Legacy is due some time in the fall.  Lorenz has several other irons in the S17 fire, including books called New Guard and one that began with a working title of The Canada Corps.  As you can imagine, I'm particularly curious and eager about that second one.

Congratulations again, Andrew, on getting the first of many books published.  I very much look forward to seeing what you have in store (literally) for us down the road.

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