Sunday, August 11, 2013

Awright! It's Classic Captain!!

One of the perks offered during the True Patriot fundraising campaign was a sketch featuring a Canadian superhero drawn by one of the several artists involved in the project.  It was offered at little extra cost and I very much wanted the project to be successful, so I ponied up for it.

And I'm very pleased that I did.

The True Patriot team sent e-mails just prior to mailing out the books to ask for artist preferences.  That's a little awkward, and I changed my mind a few times, but I eventually decided on Ron Salas, the illustrator for the Dominion Jack story.

Having received the pdf version of the book earlier, and lacking the willpower to "save" some of the material to read only once I received the print version, I became eager to get my sketch.  I was now curious on two fronts; would I get my choice of artists and which character would be displayed.

I couldn't be much happier.  The sketch is indeed by Salas and it's of the good Captain.

Obviously, there aren't many other characters I would have preferred.  I would have been equally happy with Guardian from Alpha Flight and, from within the True Patriot book itself, Dominion Jack (which was part of the reason I selected Mr. Salas).

The only choice which may have been disappointing would have been Deadpool, and it occurs to me now that among all the sketches that were previewed on the True Patriot Facebook or fundraising page, he was never shown.  I don't recall seeing him, anyway.

Wolverine would have been a bit of a drag too.  I could probably buy a new book with Wolverine in it every week if I were so inclined.  He's the opposite of every other Canadian character; we see too much of him.

But my top artist choice combined with a one of the top three characters I would have selected given the opportunity?  That's a sweet conclusion to the True Patriot project at my end.  Hope to hear news of a second volume soon.  You can still get a copy of your own through this link.

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