Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hurry Up and Perk Up!

While writing about the New Recruits fundraising campaign last week, I mentioned a particular perk that they offered which I found to be a convincing encouragement to contribute.  Basically put, they offered something up front, which is a nice change from having to wait several months before seeing the benefits of your donation.

There are two other fundraising campaigns in which I've participated that feature(d) interesting perk ideas.

I need to hurry up in regards to the one that is currently ongoing.  The F1rst Hero campaign has a first-day contributor bonus which enables you to get a little more bang for your buck.

For that pledge, someone living in Canada can get the trade paperback version of the 4-issue series with extras shipped to him or her and if he or she is quick enough, the above preview book.  Not a bad deal at all.

Oh, what's F1rst Hero about?  I'm glad you asked!
What if everyone who ever had superpowers had gone insane and become a threat to society?  What if, after decades of this, one man gained abilities "far beyond those of mortal men" but kept his sanity?  Recently discharged from the Army and faced with a society that fears superhumans, a government that hunts them down and growing numbers of crazed supervillains all around him, JACOB ROTH must decide to either put himself at risk by using his powers to help people or do nothing and remain safe while innocent people get hurt.
The Canadian content appears to be among the creators.  Creator/Writer Anthony Ruttgaizer and Colourist/Letterer KT. Smith are both Toronto residents.  The book will be published by Pittsburgh-based Action Lab Entertainment.

The other perk that I thought included a cool feature is the one I originally selected for the Heroic campaign from Zenith Comics.
CANADIAN HERO - You get everything at the Reservist range, as well as a printed copy with the cover that will ONLY available for this Kickstarter! This tier is for Canadians only, all others use HERO tier.
Nice way to work in the extra shipping charges, since the "regular" hero tier is $15, as opposed to $25 for the "Canadian hero" one.

I might have taken this one a step further (though granted, there'd be an extra cost involved on the part of the publisher, so that's easy for me to say) and offered a Canadian-exclusive cover.  Zenith has a Canuck character named The Grenadier who was talked about earlier (look for the label at right).  A fan art pin up by a gentleman named Marvin Law was added to the Zenith Facebook page recently.

I am thinking along the lines of the rather awesome Phil Jimenez variant cover for Avengers #4.  The contents of the book were the same, but Marvel made an Alpha Flight cover specifically for the Canadian audience.

I doubt that the Kickstarter-specific cover will include the Grenadier, but I would gladly have plunked down a couple of extra couple of bucks for one that did.  Seems appropriate enough for the "Canadian Hero" perk.

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