Sunday, February 23, 2014

A small look at DC's new Canadian character in JLU.

DC Comics released their May 2014 solicitations earlier in the week, including the cover to Justice League United (previously Justice League Canada) #1.  I was excited to have a look at the Canadian character writer Jeff Lemire had promised, but she was blacked out on the cover I saw displayed.

Yet oddly enough, she is not blacked out on the DC Comics website (and there she is at bottom right). Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to find a larger picture than the one at right, but it gives a pretty good idea of her appearance.  I don't why she remains a mystery; hopefully it's because they plan on making a big deal out of her introduction.

Got to say, Adam Strange looks pretty cool in this image.  And I know it's somewhat irrelevant, but...I can't help but notice that Supergirl is not on this cover as she was on the cover of #0.  Perhaps our noob takes her place?  We'll find out in April/May.

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