Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Magnetically-Charged Miss M. Webcomic!

Miss M., then known as Nelvana, first appeared in Northern Adventures Quarterly #1 in the summer of 2012.  Hers was one of three stories in the book, along with tales of The Guard and Zodiac.

Frozen Light Comics recently began displaying webcomics, one page at a time, every few days, on its website.  Miss M.'s introductory tale is now getting that treatment with the first page posted yesterday (copied below) and the next coming on Thursday.
The full book can be purchased digitally (pdf) on drivethru and in print through Indyplanet.

Miss M.'s creator, Andre St-Amour, has also been applying his considerable talents towards illustrating short stories about the Heroes of the North characters (existing and forthcoming).  Here's a page from the Saskana short.

See more of André's work on his deviantart page and check back with FLC Webcomics to see more of Miss M.!

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