Friday, March 28, 2014

Meeting Equinox

Because this blog is so awesome ;-) you've known for a while what DC's new Canadian character to appear in Justice League Canada United would look like (roughly, because it was quite a small picture).  Sure, DC Women Kicking Ass got credit for it, but I posted it about it more than a week before they did (but their image was far better, granted).

In any event, the young lady in question, code-named Equinox ("real" name, Miiyahbin), was introduced to the world this morning in a CBC article. And damned if she doesn't seem pretty great.

Oh, if you click on the CBC article link, avoid the comments section.  Just the standard narrow-minded sarcasm from the miserable people who frequent those areas of the website.  Trust me on this; your brain will thank you.

Comic Book Resources' Kevin Melrose describes her thusly:
Code-named Equinox, Miiyahbin is a 16-year-old from Moose Factory, Ontario, whose power comes from the Earth and changes with the seasons.
And I love that. I can't think of another character who has an ability with that specific "limitation".

With this revelation, the cover to the issue #0, due in stores on April 23rd, has been updated accordingly.

Supergirl is far less prominent now, which might explain her absence from the cover to #1.  It may be that her involvement is actually quite limited but that's just a guess.

I admit to still being disappointed in the name change from Justice League Canada to Justice League United and with the scarcity of Canadian characters on a team based in northern Ontario. Our new Cree teenager was really the main source of my optimism in regards to this book (I couldn't care much less about most of the rest of the cast) and in that regard, the creative team has nailed it, in my view.  I can't wait to get her complete story.

One last thing: Bleeding Cool clearly has no clue as to what the word "Keewatin" means, apparently because it is spelled slightly differently in the preview material (note the extra "h") and because if Google can't answer the question, no one can (since it's obvious that was the extent of their research).

It means "north wind", which appears to be entirely appropriate to the character, and makes for a nice touch.  Pleased to meet you, Equinox.

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