Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mid-March Leaflets

There are a number of subjects I want to touch on but for which I might not have enough material to build a whole post around, so they're going to get sort of a "bullet-point" treatment.

-- First, congratulations to Jason Loo and his Pitiful Human Lizard project for reaching their Kickstarter funding goal with almost two weeks to spare. For the time being, the campaign header will remain at right in order to (hopefully) help Jason achieve his stretch goals, but the main one has been reached and that's great.

Finances permitting, I may even give my own contribution a bump.  I originally ponied up $15 for the 52 page first issue (shipping included).  I debated increasing that to $30 in order to get a print as well from one of these artists: Kalman Andrasofszky, Evan Munday, Vince Sunico, Eric Kim, Brian McLachlan, Shane Heron, Christopher Yao, Paris Alleyne, Te'Shawn Dwyer, Jahnoy Lindsay or Matt Simas.  The one at right is the Eric Kim one and I dig it plenty, but I have yet to see all of them.  Anyway, it might be a nice addition to the Canuck Hero Shrine.

-- Had a pleasant surprise this morning while looking over the most recent items on Newsarama.  One article featured early June solicitations from DC comics, including a few from their Future's End summer event. Shortly after writing about Plastique's role in that company's universe, she's specifically mentioned in a teaser for the seventh issue of that series.
Cover by RYAN SOOK
On sale JUNE 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T 
The two halves of Firestorm encounter big troubles: some personal, some potentially deadly! And Plastique comes face to face with the DC Universe’s horrifying future! Five years from now, the DC Universe is reeling from a war with another Earth, leaving the world unprepared for an approaching evil that threatens to destroy the future. Can a time-traveling Batman Beyond help a massive cast of the DCU’s finest avert the impending apocalypse? Find out in this new weekly series that will forever alter the direction of The New 52!
How about that?  I know very few people care aside from myself, but for those who do, there are big zings ahead for our girl!

-- I stumbled into Saint John, New Brunswick based Water Front Studios recently.  Their Facebook page is quite active, and one recent wall post included an image of Red Leaf's flagship character.
Thought I would share a little project we are working on,..the Leaf!..with writing by Paul Beale penciling by Kinosuke Bintuo Edan and inking by yours truly!..this is Red Leafs main character who meets Paul's own character Stun Ray and of course a battle of forces ensues!  This will go along with our newest story that will be featured in Manga Ganda #3.  This is a long way off but since my artist did such a bang up job on the pin up pages of the character I wanted to give you a preview of our up coming project!
The first issue of the Manga Ganda book was published by Red Leaf, I believe late last year.  There are two versions; the original, which can be bought digitally here, and the Hal-Con 2013 exclusive version with a different cover, available here.

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