Saturday, March 22, 2014

Steele VS

In the early days of TSOG (you know...2012...) I did a series of posts about memorable Mounties in various forms of fiction over the past 80 years or so.  The featured characters were not superheroes as such, but adventurers, from the King of the Royal Mounted and Sergeant Preston of the Yukon comics of the 1950's to the Cavannagh novels that were published in the mid-to-late 80's.

I was pleased to discover earlier this week that another such character is on the way.  A Kickstarter campaign will be launched next month to bring one Sam Steele (inspired by the real-life NWMP member of the same name) to life.
Steele Vs. is a creator-owned comic book by writer Scott R. Schmidt. Steeped in Canadian myth and legend, soaked in frontier action, Steele Vs is an adventure/horror comic following Northwest Mounted officer, Sam Steele as he polices the harsh and mysterious Yukon Territory.

You can safely assume that the Kickstarter banner will find its way to the right side of the page once the campaign is launched.  In the meantime, to track the project's progress and check out preview art, pin-ups, sketches, etc, you can give this Facebook page a "like" or read the Pistol-Whip Press blog here.

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