Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We Have a "Justice League Canada" Option of Sorts

Ah, I hate coming across this stuff at work.  I end up distracted the rest of the day because I so badly want to find out everything I can about whatever news I've just heard.

I first saw the cover at right on Bleeding Cool.
...what of those who got all excited about the Justice League Of Canada publicity?

Well, with no restrictions, retailers are now able to order a recoloured version of the issue 1 cover by Mike McKone with a relogoed version as well, reading Justice League Canada rather than Justice League United.

So that’s all right then! And just in time for Niagra Falls Comic Con.
Oh, what a lucky break!

There seems to be a trend of announcing news at Canadian conventions that will undoubtedly be met with great enthusiasm only for plans to change later.  I believe Marvel announced the last Alpha Flight ongoing series at a Canadian Con, but in no time reduced it to a mini.  Justice League Canada was announced by DC at a con in Canada, only for it to be changed to Justice League United a few months later.  The "con" abbreviation is starting to take on a whole different meaning.

But...This is still pretty damn nice, even if the most prominent character is covered in stars. ;-)

While looking for a larger version of the cover, I found a preview of the zero issue on

I'm embarrassed to note that it's from several days ago.  I have no idea how I missed it.  There's one page below, which you can view in larger form in a separate tab, and clicking on the image will take you to the page from which I copied it to check out the rest.

Got to admit, Adam Strange looks pretty damn cool in that shot.

Justice League United #0 hits stores next Wednesday.

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