Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Captain Canuck Summer Special covers

Much like Heroes of the North, Captain Canuck hardly needs my help in promotional matters.  From what I can gather the CC team has a significantly larger following than I do.

Yet I can't help but share these covers for the upcoming Summer Special book, to be released on Canada Day (or thereabouts) for free in participating comic stores, the list of which is forthcoming.  The first was revealed on Facebook this past weekend...

...and I believe the second was only freshly unveiled this morning.  The ratio between primary cover above and variant below was not stated.

Get a load of the credits at top left of the main cover.  Some of those names should be quite familiar to fans of the original comic book series. Nice to see a continued blend of new and old ("old" said with the utmost respect, of course...).

Speaking of that, I dig that they are using the original Summer Special logo within both covers.  Again, a nice way to move forward with a respectful salute to the past.

And now speaking of that...I didn't start this blog, two and half years ago now, to criticize people.  But I did grow frustrated with the Captain Canuck gang earlier this year when they failed to communicate with their supporters during the struggles to honour their indiegogo commitments.

This product goes a long way to correcting a number of wrongs for me.  The Captain Canuck team has offered to mail a copy of the book to its contributors who may not be able to get it for themselves, a group I happen to belong to.  Grateful for the option to receive the book by mail instead, I offered to pay for shipping and was turned down.

That Team Canuck is willing to make that extra effort to ensure that I get my hands on the book goes a long way for me.  I complained about them publicly, so I want to express my appreciation and gratitude in the same manner as well.

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