Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hightower Redux

Remember Hightower?  He is the Canadian member of Unstoppable Comics' Stormchasers team.

After releasing seven issues of the Stormchasers book, publisher Jay Rosario decided to rework the first one. Much experience had been gained since its release (the original book was uploaded to Drivethru Comics in May 2010) and Mr. Rosario wanted a Mulligan.  A successful Kickstarter campaign later, Rosario delivered perks yesterday.

My contribution earned me Unstoppable Comics' character guides (three in total) in addition to the new version of the first issue.  The third guide includes Hightower's profile and the pin up below.

Something caught my eye though; I had seen Hightower's profile in an early issue of Stormchasers.  Here it is below.

A newer version of the above adds "The question has been asked if any other siblings are 'EVOs' as well, but anything further than that has yet to be explored".

So...There's a chance?  ;-)

Hightower, at least to this point, has not been a key character in the book.  I'll continue getting the Stormchasers book regardless but I like knowing that there's the possibility of additional Canadian characters at some point in the future.  An entire family of them, even.

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