Monday, August 25, 2014

Sullivan Caliber of the B-Team

Many of the Canadian characters I locate and write about on this blog are found in team books.  So whenever I come across a new global team in indie comics, I stop to do a little research.

Canadian characters are not always as easy to identify as one might think.  They don't all have a red maple leaf on their foreheads and aren't all called "Canadian Shield".  It only feels like it.

In other cases, they stand out like a Don Cherry suit.  Any time a team has a dude wearing a Montreal Expos baseball cap, you have to like your chances that he'll be a Canuck.

And such is the case with the B-Team, Soldiers of Misfortune.  Meet Sullivan "Sully" Caliber, French-Canadian private eye. But maybe avoid getting too attached to him.  One aspect of the B-Team that makes stand apart from the rest is that a character randomly dies every issue.  See below.

Neat twist .  You can find out more about the book and concept, as well as read the first issue in its entirety, on the B-Team website and pre-order the multi-issue compilation and/or merchandise while this Kickstarter campaign is underway.  And hopefully Sully makes it all the way to the last page!

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