Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Athenian (and Target Destroyed Comics) Arrives!

I first found out about Nick O'Gorman's The Athenian in May from his deviantart page.  The stated plan at the time was to release it as a webcomic in September and, wouldn't you know it, here it is!

The old gods are returning and a new hero rises! The premier issue of The Athenian introduces the new hero of our age. When the goddess Athena selects a museum curator in contemporary Ottawa as her new champion for justice, the haphazard forces of evil and chaos are in for a fight! But The Athenian will soon realize that ancient forces won't be resigned to simply rest on their laurels. 
Written, illustrated and created by Nicholas O'Gorman 
Dialogue written with Aaron Coons.
The above solicitation is copied from the Target Destroyed Comics website where a digital version of the first issue is available for download. Plans are underway for a print version at some point as well but in the meantime check in with Target Destroyed every Tuesday and Thursday to follow The Athenian's adventures.

Incidentally, if Nick's name seems familiar, it may be from his heavy involvement with the The Misfits book from Higher Universe. Of the four issues of that title available to this point, O'Gorman handled art duties for issues 2-4, and letters and covers for all four.  All four books are available electronically from Higher Universe's website and the first three were added to comixology earlier this year.

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