Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Future Prophecy

A few months back, I used two vastly different projects I'd supported to make a point about the variety that can be found within the Canadian comics industry. The projects in question were Crazy Gas, an intense black and white urban drama, and Red Squirrel, a colourful, large-scale, cosmic epic.

The same description applies to the last two fundraising campaigns that I backed, beginning with The Future Prophecy (I'll refer to the second one shortly).
The Future Prophecy is an epic graphic novel and concept album series featuring DJs as superheroes and villains. Each issue will be accompanied by a dance music single composed by the story's characters. Set in our beloved hometown, The Future Prophecy transforms Toronto into a dystopian urban battleground.
I need to thank the lady running the campaign, Sara Simms. First, she contacted me to express her own gratitude for my support, small as it was, which was nice enough of her. But she also answered a couple of questions I had which, if I'd read the Kickstarter page a little more closely, I would have figured out myself (or should have). Appreciate the patience and guidance, Sara!

Sara also provided me with a page from which one can purchase a print version of the first volume, called Arcanum, but also read the digital version for free. The page below does a nice job of displaying the art style and providing some basics about the bad guys and the challenges faced by our heroines.

The second volume in The Future Prophecy saga, entitled Omega Journey, was released on Comixology in early November. Both books were written by Melle Oh, Sara's sister. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to continue the 12-part story in its various formats (including Japanese translations).

I find using the music industry as a backdrop interesting (Bogtown is a record company). My musical tastes tend to lean more towards blues/rock so I admit that I am entirely out of my element when it comes to the scene that's on display in this book. But the exposure to it is part of the appeal of the project to me. Among books I follow, there is nothing comparable.

I was also pleased to be introduced to Paris Alleyne's work. Paris is the artist for the second volume. I found his deviantart page and enjoyed viewing his portfolio, especially his own creations. A group shot of such characters is copied below for example's sake, but I'd recommend having a look at the rest of his work. I think you'll be impressed.

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