Thursday, January 8, 2015

"We Stand On Guard For a New Limited Series From Brian K. Vaughn and Steve Skroce"

Yeah, there's just a chance I may get this...
100 years from now, a heroic group of Canadians must defend their homeland from invasion... by the United States 
New York Times bestselling and Eisner-Award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA, Ex Machina) teams up with co-creator and artist Steve Skroce (Doc Frankenstein, storyboard artist for The Matrix and Jupiter Ascending) for an all-new mini-series—WE STAND ON GUARD
WE STAND ON GUARD is an action-packed, military thriller set in the 22nd century. The series follows a heroic band of Canadian civilians-turned-freedom fighters who take up arms against a violent invasion of their country by a technologically superior nation: the United States of America. 
“I've had some of my best creative experiences collaborating with Canadian artists,” said Vaughan. “So I'm particularly excited to finally get to work with the legendary Steve Skroce, who makes his triumphant return to comics with this new mini-series, which Steve and I hope will be the first of many new stories we create together.” 
Skroce added: “Great stories not only entertain but make you feel something, hear something, and see something. I've always felt that Brian's work does that. I'm super excited and grateful to be working with him and to be back creating something new for my favorite medium.” 
"I think it should go without saying that Image Comics is proud to publish anything Brian wants to write, but Steve's involvement with We Stand On Guard makes this a truly special project,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “First and foremost, Steve is an incredible talent, but beyond that, he's an artist I've been hoping to one day work with again since his all-too brief stint drawing Alan Moore's Youngblood relaunch back in the '90s, and it's great to finally have him here at Image!" 
The series is set to launch from Image Comics in Summer 2015.
I check every publisher's solicitations for possible Canadian content but typically have little optimism when it comes to Image. That's not a knock against the company, as they seem to put out some quality material, but they just don't fit in to my little theme much.

They're certainly making up for lost time here! I'll be looking a little closer as we get nearer to the estimated release date.

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