Monday, May 25, 2015

Stun Ray joins The Supernatural Agents in Manga Ganda 3

Whether you're directly involved as a creator or are "just" a fan, you know that the process to release a comic book independently can be a lengthy one.

The image and captions below are lifted (and in some cases, edited or cropped slightly) from the Water Front Studios Facebook page. They makes reference to characters first published in the 80's but being restored to appear in the third issue of Manga Ganda, an anthology book which this time is super-hero themed.
Apr 22nd: the cover to our next issue of Manga Ganda penciled by Luis Rivera and inked by myself!

That would be The Supernatural Agents. They've been featured here once before (seek out the tag) and their story will be the primary one in MG3. They are based out of St. John. As for the rest of the book...
May 16th: Working on inking this splash page of our back up story called Stun Ray created and written by Paul Beale illustrated by Luis Rivera. This will be the Origin story of the character to be featured in Manga Ganda 3. This is only the lay out stage but it will give you the idea of the concept!

Canadian? At least in terms of location, yes!
May 25th: Page 2 (lay out) of the Stun Ray story illustrated by Luis Rivera. 
In this page Stun Ray has just landed on a roof top of a building in Toronto and after safely landing he then takes off his helmet and begins to reflect on his past how he became who he is now, (he was a bounty Hunter for hire). He used his powers for gain originally but after meeting others like himself he was persuaded to use his new abilities for good!

It'll probably still be a while until the book is available (my first post about Supernatural Agents was in November of last year) but Water Front (and Red Leaf, for that matter) is quite good at keeping its followers updated. No doubt we'll know well ahead of time when we can get it in print and/or digitally. For now, stay tuned!

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