Monday, August 3, 2015

Mr. Monster Cover Appearance for Argo Comics

I've been away for a few days without an internet connection (or at least an ongoing, reliable one) and am in the process of catching up.

In the meantime, here's kind of a neat thing that I stumbled into today, even though it was actually posted on the Argo Comics Facebook group back in April. The cover to the 17th issue was provided by Michael T. Gilbert, the gentleman who revived Mr. Monster in the mid-80's.

Argo has a couple of Canadian characters of their own, but that I know of they haven't appeared recently. I believe the plan was for them to be included in the Argo anthology book, but while issues of Argo 5 have been released with some regularity, there's hasn't been an anthology title in some time. Still, we'll keep an ear to the ground.


  1. This cover reminds me of the time Mr. Monster showed up on that Wacky Squirrel cover, and he was even in that Dark Horse book too!

    Hey I have to mention that the Kickstarter campaign is going on now (Sept. 2015) to fund a reprint of Doc Stearne's golden age adventures! More info on the fb page:

    ~jim b.

    1. Hi Jim! Sorry it's taken me a while to respond. I'll look for the cover that you refer to.

      And I can proudly state that I am a Mr. Monster Kickstarter backer. :-) I think I have most of the material already, but probably not in the quality that I believe this collection will offer. Very much looking forward to it.