Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Sasquatch Known As "Big".

Global teams are often a good place to look for a Canadian character. Failing that, if a team features a Sasquatch on its roster, there's a very good chance that (s)he is from this fine, fine country.

Such is the case with The Perhapanauts, the creation of writer Todd Dezago and artist Craig Rousseau. A rather eclectic bunch, the big hairy dude on the team draws the eye a bit.

I searched and searched for some background on that character until I finally found it...On the book's official website. Why didn't I just start there??
"BIG" has been at BEDLAM actually since before there was a BEDLAM. Captured in 1973 in the Northern Corridor section of British Columbia, Big was captured and held for several years by Project Entua, a clandestine government program designed to retrieve and study cryptozoological specimens from around the world. 
An already strong creature, Big was soon displaying feats of immeasurable strength and dexterity. But it was the incredible emergence of intelligence and subsequent accumulation of knowledge that astounded the Doctors and BEDLAM Staff alike. Not long after, Big was a colleague rather than subject...
The first two limited series, entitled First Blood and Second Chances, were published by Dark Horse between 2005 and 2007, I believe. Subsequent books have been published by Image Comics. The team is still quite active, having recently concluded a Kickstarter campaign successfully.

The Image books are available digitally on Comixology as well, while the earlier Dark Horse material does not appear to be. But if I can track them down in a comic store, I just might have to. This book looks like a blast.

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