Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good Reasons to Loathe 2016.

We're at the time of year when we're bombarded with "year in review" programming on television, radio, etc. Here at TSOG, I much prefer to look ahead.

Toronto's Launch Comics have been active on social media for some time but of late whomever is responsible for said media is being far more specific in terms of when the fruits of their labour will be available. A March 2016 target launch (*ahem*) date has been mentioned a number of times now.

Here's what they plan to have in store for us (literally) this spring:


The character is named Mr. Loathe, or simply Loathe, depending on what you happen to be reading. Or perhaps the book will be title Loathe. Either way, the art is by Vince Sunico.

One of the images shared on Launch Comics' Facebook page gives us a little background about the character.

Now TSOG standard operating procedure is to seek Canadian characters. There really is no indication that (Mr. ) Loathe meets that criteria, but I am hopeful that another character named Vitesse does (and there she is at right).

I have no evidence of Canadian status at this point besides a French name a very-likely-coincidental Quebec colour scheme, but I'm probably buying the book regardless so it hardly matters. It would just be a treat to have another character to add to the pantheon.

You can keep track of Launch Comics through the various methods:




See you soon, Mr. Loathe!

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