Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Protectors TPB Lands in Chicago This Weekend!

Nice news indeed.

I ordered issues number one and zero of The Protectors in print two years ago on the basis of not only a French-Canadian team member named Gerard Rioux but a (Nigerian-born) Canadian creator in former NFL player Israel Idonije. Supported by industry veterans Ron Marz and Bart Sears, Athlita comics put forward an entertaining debut with a vast back story to be explored.

I recently downloaded the Madefire app in order to access new Protectors material but while these are quite well made, motion comics aren't really my thing. So the news of a print option is welcomed indeed.

Looking at the app today, it lists 14 issues of the Protectors series plus a number of fact books (HERO Handbook, Allies and Enemies, that sort of thing). A few of those issues display the same cover with slightly different colouring so I suspect that much like DC Comics "digital first" books on Comixology, they are shorter than a standard comic book. Regardless, Athlita confirmed on Twitter that the book is a compilation of six issues (presumably including the zero book) and weighs in at 176 pages.

So the book will debut at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo but Athlita has also stated that they will have a few for sale from their website, which has recently undergone a significant renovation. Supplies may be limited though so if you'd like to get a copy, you may need to move fast (faster than me, anyway).

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