Monday, July 4, 2016

North, by Scott Sawyer

Continuing a trend of trying to provide support to a Kickstarter project that doesn't need it at all...Check out North!

Toronto. Casey Van Allen, the offspring of the fallen legendary hero (Major Snow), has learned that the monster responsible for her father’s death (arch villain Lord Reign), is alive and well, living the good life after effectively staging his death years ago. Determined to follow in her father’s footsteps and to bring in the man who killed a national treasure, the young woman suits up and unearths a team of gifted misfits to help her in her mission.
The fundraising page is here.

In the case of Deborah Daring in the previous post, it had met its fundraising goal by the time I'd even found it.  With North, I found it and pledged right away but departed for TSOG secret HQ for a few days with a plan to write a post about it upon my return. By the time I had come back, North had already met its goal. That was in about eight days of a 60-day campaign.

Creator Scott Sawyer had a good idea though; Often, campaign stretch goals are merchandise such as t-shirts, prints, etc.  Certainly nothing wrong with that approach but with North, the stretch goal is...the next issue.

Makes sense, doesn't it? So I've added to my pledge in order to help make that happen.

Sawyer has a good interview with Martin Boruta for First Comics News linked on the Kickstarter page, but also a radio interview with the CBC. I particularly recommend the latter because Sawyer describes several of the characters towards the end. Very little detail had been revealed about them thus far (It HAS only been a couple of week, after all...) so that was good to hear.

For more art samples, take the time to watch the campaign video. It seems to do a good job of briefly setting the stage.

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