Monday, August 22, 2016

Update on The Supers

Remembers The Supers? Writer/creator Chris Morris (Penticton, BC) ran an Indiegogo campaign late last year to fund the book. While it did not meet its goal, it did raise enough funds that Mr. Morris felt confident he could forge ahead with his project, if at a reduced pace. He wants to include "action, superheroics, drama, great characters, but most importantly, HUMOUR!" in his team book, which includes a Canadian neat freak as leader who goes by the name of Celsius.

Backers (myself among them) hadn't heard from Morris in some times and frankly, I'd pretty well given up on this project. But he sent out an update earlier today which illustrated that he's been quietly quite busy. I've copied an abbreviated version below.
I have officially launched a website for The Supers: 3rd Best Super Team in the World! After months of trying to find a graphic designer to make it for me, I decided one day to just do it myself after being told over and over again in podcast after podcast how easy it is if I used Squarespace. is that simple! Check out the website here
I have two blogs written, one introducing myself and explaining what brought me to this point and a second one detailing some of my recent San Diego Comic Con experiences and how they relate to the comic book I'm making. 
Ricky, my artist, and I are progressing along nicely.  We are over 3/4 done and Ricky's art is getting better with every page.

That new webpage now has a page specific to each character, Celsius included, of course. We learn that specifically he is from Edmonton and that he is in a complicated relationship, but not for the standard reasons.

Celsius and Inferno have deep feelings for each other, except their powers (ice and heat) keep them apart (usually)

During the campaign, the front page was being updated with art samples, among other things (including my brief blog post about the project. Neat). I've copied page four of the book below, but go back to the Indiegogo page to view more.

There's even more on the new website so if you want a good feel for the look and tone of the book, swing on over. I admit that I don't tend to be drawn to comedy books, but the preview material has caught me by surprise a couple of times. It seems like it will be plenty fun.

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