Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Legion Unleashed!

In my first post, I mention having looked for alternatives to Alpha Flight following the recent end of that series. One of the options I came across while working my way through the Canada-specific page of the International Heroes website was the Canadian Legion .

Said to be published by Arcana, I checked if the book(s) could be purchased from them, but the title was not listed among a very extensive list. Then, on a message board, I saw a reference to a Canadian Legion graphic novel, but any time I would find a listing for it, it was said to be sold out. That is, until I saw one reference to it being "delayed".

Eventually, I landed on something called Legion Unleashed. It looked like the same characters, but I didn't want to buy the sequel before the original, and Unleashed appeared to be exactly that.

I contacted writer Richard Evans and he was kind enough to respond quickly. He explained that the plans for the graphic novel have been dropped. The books will be released individually instead. At the moment, they can be downloaded from Graphicly, however print versions will be available soon.

Looking forward to it. Hell, I would get it for that #2 tribute cover alone. ;-) It came as something of a surprise as I've seen some criticism of Mr Evans on Alpha Flight creator John Byrne's forum for having made negative (or at least perceived as such) comments about that team.

Find out more about the Canadian Legion Universe on (one of) Mr Evans' blog.

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