Monday, January 30, 2012

Who you WON'T read about on TSOG.

At least not very much.

Wolverine. Did you know he was Canadian? ;-) You can't swing a dead cat around (at least in a comic store) without hitting a book that features Wolverine. There doesn't seem to be much point in trying to draw attention to his appearances, especially when these guys seem to do a great job of it anyway. And if I tried to keep up with all the books he's in, I'd be homeless. So I'll pay attention to Wolverine when he happens to interact with other Canadian characters but otherwise, I'll largely ignore him.

Deadpool. Well, for one thing there appears to be some confusion as to whether he's even Canadian. If he is, it doesn't seem to be (from my limited exposure to him) particularly noteworthy to his overall character. Plus, one of the first books I bought as a collector was a New Teen Titans issue where the character he's ripped off from became a favourite of mine, so I can't get into this idiotic version.

We're going to make a rare exception today just as we set the ground rules...

...but it's not going to be regular occurrence.

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