Monday, February 20, 2012

Dan Cooper - RCAF

For the sake of giving credit where it's due, I wish I could remember how this character came to my attention last night.

In all likelihood, it began with a tweet by Hope Nicholson, associate producer on Lost Heroes, and was the result of continued surfing past a link that she suggested to her followers (and if you're on Twitter and even mildly interested in Canadian comics, you should belong to that group).

In any event, I vaguely remember reading a couple of this guy's adventures as a kid.

It's, uhm, probably too late to admit that I did not know the character is Canadian and NOT look like a complete dimwit. However, in my own defense, I was quite young and I don't believe that Dan wore that helmet at any time other than photo ops. ;-)

While Cooper is Canadian, his creator was not. Here is a bio of Albert Weinberg from shortly after he passed away last year.

This site does a nice job of listing both the individual books and the compilations (see "l'integrale"). I haven't decided which versions I'll seek out. I'm fairly certain that this issue... buried somewhere in my parents' basement because that cover is very familiar. And see? It wasn't always obvious that this was a Canadian character, was it?! You wouldn't know it from that cover!

Whatever method is ultimately used, tracking these down should be fun and scratch the collector's itch. Much like I described earlier in regards to Captain Canuck #4, I think I'll enjoy these books great deal more if I read them now than when I read them as a nine-year old.

And yes, I'm aware of the DB Cooper hijacking but, frankly, not terribly interested.

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