Saturday, February 18, 2012

Register Now - It's The Law!

Closing gaps in my Alpha Flight collection recently, I got my hands on the bagged #120 from the original series, which included the poster below. I could care less about potential future value; I buy comics to read them. So I tore into that sumbitch like Wolverine on Christmas morning.

If you're one of these people that don't open bagged books, click on the picture to see a larger version of what you bought two decades ago. ;-) There was some cropping required down the right side.

I like a flag-wearer, and I like a consistent look within a team...but I'm not sure I like the two together, at least in this case.

Puck should look like one; that was the point of his original uniform. And I doubt an in-character separatist Northstar would have worn that outfit with a gun to his head (perhaps he justified it within the book. If he did, I either am not aware of it or have forgotten it entirely).


  1. I kept my copy bagged for a while until I found another one. It felt great to rip it open and watch my fortune vanish with the wispy edges of the polypropylene remnants.

  2. Lol...

    It helped the decision-making that I paid about all of a buck for it. I get many of my back issues from Mile High Comics when they have a 50% or 60% off sale.

  3. Oh, and my computer monitor is flanked by the Northstar and Aurora action figures from a few years ago. I couldn't leave those unopened too. :-)