Thursday, March 22, 2012

Northern Light pinup

If you've ever spent any amount of time looking up Canadian superheroes other than Alpha Flight, you've come across the usual suspects; Nelvana, Captain Canuck, etc.

Many sources will also refer to a character named Northern Light who was first introduced in Orb magazine #2 in 1974. Pretty well any mention of the character will display his one cover appearance for that mag.

Groovy, daddy-o!

I had an opportunity to get my hands on issues 4 and 5 of that magazine, in which Northern Light's origin story is told, so I jumped at it.

The above picture is quite cool, but it fails in one area; it does not properly highlight Northern Light's boss fu manchu mustache. It is displayed a bit better in a full page pin-up in #4.

Seriously, there was a lot to like about this character. He had a dramatic origin, spectacular abilities, a secret fortress "somewhere in northern Canada" and was a part of an alien research organization. It's too bad the bulk of his appearances are short stories in four issues of Orb.

I may also try to land this book. By the time it was published, Northern Light had had something of a makeover, but I'm not sure it was an improvement (though admittedly, the original started to look dated very quickly). Thankfully, the new look did not involve losing the fu manchu.


  1. When Richard Robertson brought in his wonderful NL cover for ORB #2 I was suitably blown away by his incredible painting but did comment on the fact that the character was not exhibiting his trademark moustache. Upon hearing that Richard gave me a withering glaze that I immediately recognized as one of those "If you think I'm doing it over again, think again!" looks and decided to take it, "as is", and rationalize that even the Northern Light shaves off the 'stache now and then. BTW, you might be interested in the fact that Jim Craig and I will be doing a short, 6 page, full-colour story on the NL in this upcoming fundraiser anthology, ONE TRIBE, I'm putting together ... ... check it out and give it a LIKE, okay? Also, if you're still interested in getting a copy of that one-shot NL comic put out by POWER COMICS you provide a link for I probably have one I could spare ... email me at and I'll see what I can do! ... James Waley.

  2. AHEM! ... what I did mean to say was "withering glance" ... and you'd know one when you've seen one, for sure! ... :/ JW.