Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Speaking of family...

The Dynamo 5 team may not be fully Canadian, or more than "half-related" for that matter, but one member appears to be Canadian-born.

I have only read the first two Dynamo 5 trades (for now) and I enjoyed them a great deal. This particular character was first known as Visionary but evidently a power switch later in the series led to a name change. He's now the strong man of the group.

Are you familiar with Dynamo 5? If not, you should be.

Long story short, Captain Dynamo, the book's Superman analogue, was not the most faithful of husbands. He fathered children with several women including an Asian lady in British Columbia (the Captain liked variety when it came to women, judging from the range of "moms" in the book). Presumably Smasher is at least Canadian-born as all scenes of his personal life away from the team take place in BC.

The reason this is unclear is actually somewhat refreshing. Smasher is probably Canadian but you don't get beat over the head with it. He doesn't say "eh?" all the time, he talks about things other than hockey, and eats/drinks things other than poutine and beer.

It may seem contradictory to like a Canadian character that isn't so obviously Canadian, but it's actually a nice change. He's...just a kid. And like many Canadians, he's not Caucasian, either. Imagine that! ;-)

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